The following items are prohibited from being brought into CoolToday Park: alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs; aluminum cans, bats, glass bottles, bota bags or wineskins; bags, purses or backpacks exceeding 16″x16″x8″; ice chests, hard-sided coolers or soft-sided coolers (soft-sided coolers, without the plastic liner, will be permitted at CoolToday Park ); camera lenses exceeding 5 inches; camera tri, dual or single leg pods by non-media personnel; folding chairs, tables, stools or devices used as such; sticks, clubs (including signs attached to sticks) or full size brooms; false identification (fake id); fireworks, firearms or other weapons (including knives, mace, pepper spray, tasers/stun guns and toy replicas of weapons); bullhorns, noise makers or confetti; laser devices or pointers; skateboards, hoverboards and rollerblades; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; framed or oversized backpacks; and balloons, beach balls and other inflatable items; wrapped packages wherein the contents are not visible.*

The Atlanta Braves reserve the right to determine what items not listed herein may be deemed inappropriate for entry.

*Please note that if you have a planned party of any kind that includes gifts, we advise either wrapping the gift item at CoolToday Park after the item has been inspected or place the unboxed gift item in a gift bag. Our security personnel will ask guests to open any wrapped items for inspection.

If any of the above items are discovered at our gates, our security staff members will ask that you return these items to your vehicle or be thrown away. Prohibited items will not be accepted by employees nor stored at the gates or Fan Assistance booths.